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Affects on particles, rotating them around center or given axis.

Namespace: Visual3D.Graphics3D.Particles
Assembly: Visual3D.Engine (in Visual3D.Engine.dll) Version: (


 C#  Visual Basic 
public class RevolveAffector : ParticleAffector
<SerializableAttribute> _
Public Class RevolveAffector _
	Inherits ParticleAffector


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Initializes a new instance of the RevolveAffector class
Initializes a new instance of the RevolveAffector class
ActionIsActive(NameID) (Inherited from Entity.)
Enables an entity and its scripted or diagrammed interactivity.
(Inherited from Entity.)
Sets activity Owner and then Activates this activity.
(Inherited from Entity.)
ActivateAction(ActionBase) (Inherited from Entity.)
ActivateAction(NameID) (Inherited from Entity.)
Activated (Inherited from Entity.)
ActivationFrameNumber (Inherited from Entity.)
Activities (Inherited from Entity.)
Add(Object) (Inherited from Entity.)
Add(Type, Object) (Inherited from Entity.)
Add(NameID, Object) (Inherited from Entity.)
AddAction(ActionBase) (Inherited from Entity.)
AddAction(NameID, ActionBase) (Inherited from Entity.)
Gets/sets factor of possibility that given affector will affect on particles. 0 means that affector is turned off, 1 is that it applies to all particles, 0.5 means that only approximately half of particles will be affected.
(Inherited from ParticleAffector.)
End time of affector activity, in seconds, starting from particle birth. If less than zero, affector will be active through all lifetime cycle of particle.
(Inherited from ParticleAffector.)
Start time of affector activity, in seconds, starting from particle birth. If less than zero, affector will be active through all lifetime cycle of particle.
(Inherited from ParticleAffector.)
AffectParticles(ParticleAffector..::..AffectParams%) (Overrides ParticleAffector..::..AffectParticles(ParticleAffector..::..AffectParams%).)
Gets/sets flag indicate that particle orientation should change if velocity changes. Set it to false for such effects like smoke.
(Inherited from ParticleAffector.)
Optional animation controller required to render animated geometry.
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
Returns type of animation applied to vertices of this scene object in case if it renders itself. Default implementation returns AnimationTypeAndWeights.NoAnimation
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
AreFoldersForChildrenCreated (Inherited from SceneObject.)
AssetID (Inherited from Registered.)
AssetInfo (Inherited from Registered.)
Gets or sets the owner to which this asset belongs and is a member of.
(Inherited from Asset.)
Attach(Object) (Inherited from SceneObject.)
AttachedToOwner(IComponentOwner) (Inherited from EntityComponent.)
BaseAsset (Inherited from Registered.)
BringBottomToGround()()()() (Inherited from SceneObject.)
CanAttach(Object) (Inherited from Entity.)
CanBeShownInWE(Boolean, Boolean) (Inherited from SceneObject.)
CanDetach(Object) (Inherited from Entity.)
ChangeLocked(Object) (Inherited from SceneObject.)
ChildOwner (Inherited from Entity.)
ChildSceneObjectAdded (Inherited from SceneObject.)
ChildSceneObjectRemoved (Inherited from SceneObject.)
Owner of this component (contained in it's ".Components" container).
(Inherited from EntityComponent.)
Components that are attached to this Entity.
(Inherited from ComponentBase.)
ComponentsForGlobalSceneFolders (Inherited from ComponentBase.)
ContainsAction(NameID) (Inherited from Entity.)
Defines the Owner of this component as well as the role (i.e. 'slot') that this component fulfills.
(Inherited from ComponentBase.)
ConvertToAttachmentOnOwner()()()() (Inherited from SceneObject.)
CreateChildObject()()()() (Inherited from SceneObject.)
CreateChildObject(String) (Inherited from SceneObject.)
CreateChildObject(String, Vector3) (Inherited from SceneObject.)
CreateChildObject(String, Vector3, Rotation) (Inherited from SceneObject.)
CreateIdentity()()()() (Inherited from Registered.)
CreateIdentityList()()()() (Inherited from Registered.)
CreateInstance(Boolean) (Inherited from SceneObject.)
CreateService<(Of <<'(TService>)>>)()()()() (Inherited from ComponentBase.)
Custom rendering logic
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
Disables an entity and its scripted or diagrammed interactivity, if it is currently enabled.
(Inherited from Entity.)
DeactivateAction(NameID) (Inherited from Entity.)
Deactivated (Inherited from Entity.)
Gets the default saving mode
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
For objects that use it, this will point to the Design Object used to represent/manipulate this object.
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
Detach(Object) (Inherited from Entity.)
DetachedFromOwner(IComponentOwner) (Inherited from EntityComponent.)
Dispose()()()() (Inherited from ComponentBase.)
Triggered anytime SceneObject Visibility is changed.
(Inherited from Entity.)
If object IsGrounded, this is the distance from Ground that it will fall to (sometimes there is an offset).
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
Distance from the Main Camera (updated per frequently for Active Scene Objects).
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
Do(ActionBase) (Inherited from Entity.)
EntityBase (Inherited from Entity.)
Fades this SceneObject into it's current scene.
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
Fades this SceneObject out of it's current scene.
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
Focused (Inherited from SceneObject.)
Gets or sets fog settings for this renderable.
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
FolderPath (Inherited from SceneObject.)
ForEachComponent<(Of <<'(TComponent>)>>)(Action<(Of <<'(TComponent>)>>)) (Inherited from Entity.)
Get<(Of <<'(T>)>>)()()()() (Inherited from Entity.)
Get<(Of <<'(T>)>>)(T%) (Inherited from Entity.)
Get<(Of <<'(TKey, TDerived>)>>)(TDerived%) (Inherited from Entity.)
Get<(Of <<'(T>)>>)(NameID) (Inherited from Entity.)
Get(NameID, Object%) (Inherited from Entity.)
Get<(Of <<'(T>)>>)(NameID, T%) (Inherited from Entity.)
Returns accumulated time from last affectance rounded to update interval and subtracts it from the internal counter.
(Inherited from ParticleAffector.)
GetAction(NameID) (Inherited from Entity.)
GetActions()()()() (Inherited from Entity.)
Returns list of lights affecting this scene object. In case if IsLit is false, returns empty list. If a private light list was specified, returns it. Otherwise, returns a list of lights updated from time to time (either on light's or object's movement)
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
GetAll<(Of <<'(TComponent>)>>)()()()() (Inherited from Entity.)
GetAnimationTransforms(List<(Of <<'(Matrix>)>>)) (Inherited from SceneObject.)
GetBringBottomToGroundView(String%, String%) (Inherited from SceneObject.)
Returns the height at which this object thinks of "grounded" (for objects that float, this might be a bit above the actual ground level, and for objects that naturally submerge, such as trees, this will be below the actual ground level). If Object is not-in-scene, then it always returns 0.
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
Returns the height at which this object thinks of "grounded" (for objects that float, this might be a bit above the actual ground level, and for objects that naturally submerge, such as trees, this will be below the actual ground level). If Object is not-in-scene, then it always returns 0.
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
GetDistanceAboveGround()()()() (Inherited from SceneObject.)
GetDistanceAboveGround(HeightQueryObjectType) (Inherited from SceneObject.)
Returns geometry data to render this scene object. Fill in VertexData (and optionally PrimitiveType and IndexData) with references to the vertex/index buffer. Leave VertexData null to not render anything. Default implementation does not provide any renderable geometry.
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
Determines intersection between the Ray and this SceneObject. Default logic models scene object as simple BoundingBox. Override this for custom logic.
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
GetLockMenuItemView(String%, String%) (Inherited from SceneObject.)
GetOrCreate<(Of <<'(K, T>)>>)()()()() (Inherited from Entity.)
GetOrCreate<(Of <<'(K, T>)>>)(T%) (Inherited from Entity.)
GetOrCreate<(Of <<'(T>)>>)(T%) (Inherited from Entity.)
GetOrCreate<(Of <<'(T>)>>)(NameID, T%) (Inherited from Entity.)
Returns a copy of private light list or null if there's no private lights assignment.
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
GetRenderables(IList<(Of <<'(IRenderable>)>>), RenderContext)
Retrieve IRenderable objects to render from this SceneObject, method is called for visible SceneObjects. Default implementation checks IsRenderable flag and adds this SceneObject to result list if true.
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
GetService<(Of <<'(TService>)>>)()()()() (Inherited from ComponentBase.)
GetService<(Of <<'(TService>)>>)(TService%) (Inherited from ComponentBase.)
GetSquaredDistanceTo(Vector3) (Inherited from SceneObject.)
GetVisibleSceneObjects(IList<(Of <<'(SceneObject>)>>), RenderContext)
Checks visibility of this scene object and adds into result list if visible. Performs frustrum test of this object and it's children recursively. Returns true if this object itself is considered as visible.
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
Handle (Inherited from Registered.)
HasComponents (Inherited from ComponentBase.)
HasHandle (Inherited from Registered.)
HasName (Inherited from EntityComponent.)
Gets if a prototype has been specified to inherit instance data from.
(Inherited from Asset.)
HasSceneGraph (Inherited from SceneObject.)
HasScope (Inherited from Registered.)
Gets if a UniqueName is specified to identify this asset with respect to its owner's other members.
(Inherited from Registered.)
ID (Inherited from Registered.)
IDChanged (Inherited from Registered.)
Indicates if object does not really have an 'Orientation' in the scene.
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
Indicates if object does not really have a 'Position' in the scene.
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
Indicates if object does not really have a 'spatial state' in the scene (i.e. no real position or orientation). Setting to 'true' means it ignore BOTH Position and Orientation. Setting to 'false' means it cares about BOTH.
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
InAreas (Inherited from SceneObject.)
Initializes the asset so that it might be prepared for use. By default, PrepareForUse() is called from this method as well.
(Inherited from Asset.)
Initialize(IComponentOwner) (Inherited from Entity.)
Initialized (Inherited from Entity.)
InputController (Inherited from SceneObject.)
InputControllerPrefab (Inherited from SceneObject.)
Intersects(BoundingBox, Boolean) (Inherited from SceneObject.)
Intersects(BoundingBox%, Boolean) (Inherited from SceneObject.)
Intersects(BoundingFrustum, Boolean) (Inherited from SceneObject.)
Intersects(BoundingSphere, Boolean) (Inherited from SceneObject.)
Intersects(BoundingSphere%, Boolean) (Inherited from SceneObject.)
Intersects(Vector3, Boolean) (Inherited from SceneObject.)
Intersects(Vector3%, Boolean) (Inherited from SceneObject.)
IsActive (Inherited from Entity.)
IsActiveNonDisposed (Inherited from Entity.)
Returns true if the SceneObject is not null, is Active, and is not disposed or about to be disposed of/deactivated.
(Inherited from SceneObjectExtensions.)
IsActiveNotNull(SceneObject, Boolean)
Returns true if the SceneObject is not null, is Active, and is not disposed or about to be disposed of/deactivated, and, if ensureNotShuttingDown is true, this ensures it will not be soon disposed because engine is shutting down
(Inherited from SceneObjectExtensions.)
IsAnyParentEqual<(Of <<'(T>)>>)(SceneObject)
Indicates that this sceneObject is of type T and has any not null parent equals to specified one.
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
Gets or sets whether or not to display the bounding box for this node.
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
Gets/sets flag indicate that object is clipped by camera frustrum. In case if this property is set to false, frustrum clipping is not performed.
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
Indicates if Instance was created by Deserialization.
(Inherited from ComponentBase.)
Indicates if object is a "system object" or "low-level internal object" -- usually not shown or saved, but used for implementation Example: the RootScreenNode.
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
Indicates if the DesignMode Renderable is shown, used as a "grip" for manipulating this SceneObject. Typically used for "non-visible" object types, like Lights, Cameras, Sensors, ParticleSystems, etc.
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
Indicates if resource has been disposed.
(Inherited from Asset.)
Indicates if resource is in process of Disposing but not fully disposed.
(Inherited from Asset.)
IsFocused (Inherited from SceneObject.)
Gets or sets whether the fog is overridden from the scene's fog settings.
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
Indicates if this object has gravity and falls to the ground (or to it's assigned "DistanceFromGround").
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
Gets if this entity is currently in an initialized (and non-disposed) state.
(Inherited from Asset.)
IsInMainScene (Inherited from SceneObject.)
IsInSameScene(SceneObject) (Inherited from SceneObject.)
IsInSameScene(SceneObject, Boolean)
Returns true if given scene object contains in same scene where this scene object is. Kludge method, because Scene property is unreliable (it's assigned to World.Scene in SceneObject constructor).
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
IsInScene (Inherited from SceneObject.)
IsLit (Inherited from SceneObject.)
IsLocked (Inherited from SceneObject.)
IsNonUniqueAssetInstance (Inherited from SceneObject.)
IsPartOfParent (Inherited from SceneObject.)
IsPrototype (Inherited from Asset.)
Gets if this object is ready for use, not disposed or disposing, active and in a scene
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
Gets/sets if asset is ready to be used. Can be set to 'true' in class constructor in order to skip Preparation logic.
(Inherited from Asset.)
Gets/sets type of interaction with reflective surfaces (i.e. water) for this scene object.
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
Gets/sets type of interaction with refracting surfaces (i.e. water) for this scene object.
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
IsRenderable (Inherited from SceneObject.)
Indicates if the component is to be Saved when the owning context is saved (e.g. for components in your scene, this controls whether or not they are saved to the scene file when the scene is saved). Typically objects are 'Saved', unless they are transient to be programmatically created each time.
(Inherited from ComponentBase.)
IsSavedOnCreatingInstance (Inherited from Asset.)
Indicates if Entity is Selectable.
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
IsSelected (Inherited from SceneObject.)
Indicates if object is a "system object" or "low-level internal object" -- usually not shown or saved, but used for implementation Example: the RootScreenNode.
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
IsTerrainModel (Inherited from SceneObject.)
If set to false, AffectorStartTime and AffectorEndTime are measured in seconds, otherwise they are relative to per-particle time to live.
(Inherited from ParticleAffector.)
Returns true if AffectorStartTime and AffectorEndTime define limited time chunk.
(Inherited from ParticleAffector.)
Indicates if Entity can be focused (controlled by the user).
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
IsVisibilityAllowedByFilter (Inherited from SceneObject.)
IsVisible (Inherited from SceneObject.)
Gets/sets object visibility when camera is under water. Note that it only refers to underwater visibility, not a visibility on water plane (which is defined by IsReflectionAllowed and IsRefractionAllowed flags). Default is true.
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
Temporary Field - to be replaced by string-based flag value. Indicates if object is within visible range of MainCamera.
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
Gets/Sets a reference to the material of scene object. Will return Library.Materials.DefaultMaterial if material was not assigned yet.
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
MaterialChanged (Inherited from SceneObject.)
MaterialLoading (Inherited from SceneObject.)
Gets/Sets the name of the material used for this ActorPart.
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
MouseOut (Inherited from SceneObject.)
MouseOver (Inherited from SceneObject.)
Name (Inherited from EntityComponent.)
NameID (Inherited from EntityComponent.)
NotifyComponentsOfEvent<(Of <<'(TEvent>)>>)(TEvent) (Inherited from Entity.)
Notifies the scene object that the list of lights affecting on it are now out of date.
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
Gets/sets number of affector updates per second, in case if FPS is high enough for this.
(Inherited from ParticleAffector.)
NumWorldTransforms (Inherited from SceneObject.)
Holds the Fader for this SceneObject.
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
Object Group that this object belongs to.
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
ObjectType (Inherited from SceneObject.)
ObjectUsage (Inherited from SceneObject.)
OnCollided(EntityBase) (Inherited from SceneObject.)
OnEntityFlagsChanged(Flag, Boolean) (Inherited from SceneObject.)
OnLanded(EntityBase, Vector3) (Inherited from SceneObject.)
OnMemberwiseClone()()()() (Inherited from ComponentBase.)
OnMouseOut()()()() (Inherited from SceneObject.)
OnMouseOver()()()() (Inherited from SceneObject.)
Gets/sets constant opacity of this renderable.
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
Owner (Inherited from Entity.)
OwnerActivated(IComponentOwner) (Inherited from EntityComponent.)
OwnerDeactivated(IComponentOwner) (Inherited from EntityComponent.)
OwnerEntity (Inherited from Entity.)
OwnerOf<(Of <<'(TOwner>)>>)()()()() (Inherited from Registered.)
For backward compatibility, possibly we will remove this property later.
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
Encapsulates the Dynamic properties of this body.
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
PhysicsSettings (Inherited from SceneObject.)
Attempts to prepare asset for use. To be sure, check "IsReadyForUse" after calling this method to ensure it's really ready for use before using it.
(Inherited from Asset.)
This method is invoked just before rendering the object. Implement this method to perform pending buffer updates, switch between LOD levels for context.Camera etc. Default SceneObject implementation does nothing.
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
Gets the prototype this instance or prototype was created from and inherits components and settings from.
(Inherited from Entity.)
Remove<(Of <<'(T>)>>)()()()() (Inherited from Entity.)
Remove(Object) (Inherited from Entity.)
Remove(NameID) (Inherited from Entity.)
RemoveAction<(Of <<'(T>)>>)()()()() (Inherited from Entity.)
RemoveAction(NameID) (Inherited from Entity.)
RenameKey(NameID, NameID) (Inherited from Entity.)
RenderMode (Inherited from SceneObject.)
RenderQueueID (Inherited from SceneObject.)
ReplaceAction(ActionBase) (Inherited from Entity.)
ReplaceAction(NameID, ActionBase) (Inherited from Entity.)
Called from 'Activate()' method, or can be called manually. Should initialize custom state of the Activity. Note, that if the Activity is currently executing, this should have no effect upon the current Activity state.
(Inherited from Entity.)
Set DistanceFromGround to value that will place WorldBoundingBoxBottom in contact with ground. NOTE: Assumes object does not have any special considerations re point to bring in contact with ground.
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
Gets/sets axis to rotate around, if RevolveType is set to AroundAxis mode. Axis is given in particle system space and its origin is located at affector's position.
Gets/sets rotation speed modifier.
Gets or sets the actual scene this object belongs in. If this is not assigned to any scene, a the current main scene (or else a default empty scene) will be returned, to ensure null is never returned.
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
Reference to the scene manager who created this object.
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
Gets or sets the actual scene this object belongs in. Unlike the Scene property, this can be null and won't return World.Scene when it is null.
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
Scheduler (Inherited from Entity.)
SchedulerID (Inherited from Entity.)
Scope (Inherited from Registered.)
Gets/Sets current Selection Status of the Entity - Unselected, Selected, or Focused.
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
SelectionStateChanged (Inherited from SceneObject.)
Set<(Of <<'(T>)>>)(T) (Inherited from Entity.)
Set(Type, Object) (Inherited from Entity.)
Set(NameID, Object) (Inherited from Entity.)
SetDynamicAttributes(RuntimeAttributeDictionary) (Inherited from SceneObject.)
SetPrivateLights(List<(Of <<'(ILight>)>>))
Sets an exclusive light affecting on this scene object and all child objects. If set, none of other scene lights will affect on this scene object.
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
Sets an exclusive light affecting on this scene object and all child objects. If set, none of other scene lights will affect on this scene object.
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
SetPrivateLights(List<(Of <<'(ILight>)>>), Boolean)
Sets an exclusive list of lights affecting on this scene object. If set, none of other scene lights will affect on this scene object.
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
SetPrivateLights(ILight, Boolean)
Sets an exclusive light affecting on this scene object and all child objects. If set, none of other scene lights will affect on this scene object.
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
SetSavedForObjectGraph(Boolean) (Inherited from SceneObject.)
If treating Object as an Activity, this becomes the parent to which it is attached when you call "Start()".
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
Gets/sets shadow settings of scene object.
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
Determine, if this affector should be used this time, based on current time and NumUpdatesPerSecond property.
(Inherited from ParticleAffector.)
Snaps Object to the Ground Level.
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
Gets/Sets the source file for this program.
(Inherited from Asset.)
Spatial (Inherited from SceneObject.)
SpatialChildren (Inherited from SceneObject.)
SpatialChildrenObjects (Inherited from SceneObject.)
SpatialEntity (Inherited from SceneObject.)
This property is intended to be used for copying SceneObject spatial state via Object Editor.
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
SpeedScalar (Inherited from SceneObject.)
SpeedScalarChanged (Inherited from SceneObject.)
StorageModule (Inherited from Registered.)
Utility property for custom use by the application.
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
ToString()()()() (Inherited from Entity.)
TriggerAIEvent(BaseEvent) (Inherited from Entity.)
TriggerEvent(BaseEvent) (Inherited from Entity.)
Unfocused (Inherited from SceneObject.)
UniqueName (Inherited from Registered.)
Method to be called at a fixed interval (i.e. 'UpdateTimeInterval') by the scheduler to do regular update events.
(Inherited from Entity.)
Ensure that object has DistanceFromGround value corresponding to its WorldPosition.Y, w.r.t. current ground surfaces.
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
Per-frame update method called for each object in the scene. Override to do any tasks on per-frame basis. Default implementation ensures that spatial data and bounding box are valid, and calls UpdatePerFrame recursively.
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
Time interval at which the 'Update()' will be called by the scheduler upon Activation of this Entity.
(Inherited from Entity.)
Gets/sets flag indicate that only private lights should affect on this object even if there are other lights in scene. Set to false to use both private lights and scene lights for lighting. Has no effect if no private lights were specified via SetPrivateLights method. Default is true.
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
VisibilityChanged (Inherited from SceneObject.)
VisualEntity(Entity) (Inherited from EntityExtensions.)
WasRenderedLastFrame (Inherited from SceneObject.)
Absolute Spatial Orientation of this object.
(Inherited from SceneObject.)
Absolute Spatial Position (location) of this object.
(Inherited from SceneObject.)

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