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Describe possible type of calculation of particle orientation, depending on relative position to viewer.

Namespace: Visual3D.Graphics3D.Particles
Assembly: Visual3D.Engine (in Visual3D.Engine.dll) Version: (


 C#  Visual Basic 
public enum ParticleOrientationType
Public Enumeration ParticleOrientationType


Particle acts as spheric sprite - it is always facing to viewer. Good for simple particles, like smoke. Faster than cylindric, but slower than self oriented orientation type.
Particle acts as cylindric sprite - Y axis is fixed, X and Z are matching to the position of viewer. Good for particles whose orientation is changing during lifecycle - e.g. fountain sparkles etc. Slower than spheric and self-oriented orientation types.
Orientation of the particle does not depend on viewer position or orientation. Use this orientation type for geometry-based particles. In terms of perfomance, this is the fastest orientation type.

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