Visual3D Game EngineAPI Documentation for XNA, C#, VB, and .NET
Executes the query, returning the results back in one list.

Namespace: Visual3D.Scenes
Assembly: Visual3D.Engine (in Visual3D.Engine.dll) Version: (


 C#  Visual Basic 
public virtual List<RaySceneQueryResultEntry> Execute(
	IEnumerable<SceneObject> queryCandidates
Public Overridable Function Execute ( _
	queryCandidates As IEnumerable(Of SceneObject) _
) As List(Of RaySceneQueryResultEntry)


IEnumerable<(Of <(<'SceneObject>)>)>

Return Value


This method executes the scene query as configured, gathers the results into one structure and returns a reference to that structure. These results will also persist in this query object until the next query is executed, or ClearResults()()()(). A more lightweight version of this method that returns results through a listener is also available.

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